WIRANO – is an innovative platform for organizing clinical trials around the world

Our mission

Revolutionizing the organization of clinical trials to accelerate drug development in order to increase patient access to the most advanced treatments.

Clinical trials are increasingly complex and costly for drug developers

Finding patient participants for clinical trials is one of the greatest challenges in drug development

Half of ongoing clinical trials fail to meet their patient enrollment targets.

Sponsors have a hard time easily locating a reliable clinical center which would meet the requirements for a specific study.

Selecting clinical sites and accessing information about their track records for previous studies is a challenge. And at present, there is no effective, reliable communication platform for sponsors and research teams.

6-10 months

from the start of the study
to the first patient

50% of studies

do not recruit patients
on time


an average budget
a pharma company spends
to conduct a trial
with one medical product

$1-2 billion

is spent on the development and
launch of any innovative drug
onto the market

The cost of a day’s

worth of a delay can
exceed $1 million


Wirano, a cloud-based digital platform, enables:


Find researchers in a few days who are able and willing to conduct a specific clinical study.


Publish information about a clinical trial within a few hours and start recruiting patients who wish to participate in it.


Find a suitable clinical study in a few minutes and send an application for enrollment in the trial.

The Benefits

Wirano is a global clinical trials optimization platform using cloud and mobile applications localized in different languages. The platform is powered by a centralized server system designed for collecting and processing data using scalable business logic algorithms with incorporated elements of artificial intelligence.

The main modules of the system are (available in the web and mobile applications):

Patient’s personal account with a convenient search bar and selection of the most suitable clinical trials (patent pending) with a pre-screening function for granting admission into the selected study.

Researcher’s personal account with a detailed information dashboard on potential studies and patients who may be eligible for participation in the study.

Sponsor’s personal account with a business intelligence system that grants the ability to check the feasibility of the clinical trials for any specific researcher, conduct analysis of data from a set of previous studies, and have direct communication with researchers within the system.

A specialized messenger system for organizing communications between research participants and receiving news on topics of interest through an automatically tuned news channel (patent received).

A financial subsystem for sponsoring clinical trials.

The clinical trials market

According to Grand View Research, the global clinical trials market is growing at 5,1% per year and will reach $69.9 billion by 2027.

The number of registered clinical trials over the past 20 years has grown tenfold.

Total number of studies registered on ClinicalTrials.gov since 2000, based on the First Received date.

Key milestones Wirano

  • Team building
  • Launch of the patient module
  • Start of recruitment of patients to the platform
  • Final product modification
  • Raising investment capital
  • Pilot project and monetization launch in Russia
  • Scaling in Russia, Hungary, Georgia, Ukraine, and Poland
  • Adaptation of the platform to global markets

Our Team

Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience in international clinical research. They have in-depth expertise in successfully developing innovative solutions for clinical trial organization. The team includes members drawn from established CRO Cromos Pharma and clinical trial logistics firm COREX Logistics.

Andrey Tarakanov
Andrey Tarakanov

Chief Executive Officer

Andrey Tarakanov

Andrey Tarakanov

2014: Co-founder of Site Management Organization Cardiorus;

2011: Co-founder of COREX Logistics in clinical trials;

2008: Co-founder of CRO Cromos Pharma;

2005-2008: Project manager at CRO Health research services, ClinResearch;

1995-2005: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Vladimir Krechikov
Vladimir Krechikov

Clinical Trials Expert

Vladimir Krechikov

Vladimir Krechikov

Since 2019: Leadership of the regional CRO Cromos Pharma (> 20 countries);

2011-2019: Head of Business Development at Cromos Pharma (active in 4 countries in 2011);

2008-2011: Work in the clinical department of the global CRO;

2006-2008: Head of business development department of Russian CRO with the subsequent sale ofthe business to the global CRO;

2001-2006: Medical researcher.

Maria Lapuk
Maria Lapuk

Chief Marketing Officer

Maria Lapuk

Maria Lapuk

2017: Co-founder of Vinci Agency, the leading technology PR agency in Russia

2014-2015: Head of the press service ofThe Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) venture capital fund.

2013-2014: Head of the press service of Odnoklassniki.

2007-2011: Press service of MTS.

Noel Quinn
Noel Quinn

Chief Investment Officer

Noel Quinn

Noel Quinn

Experienced entrepreneur.

Tech startups, investor and founder.

Management, covering all areas of business.

Extensive business experience in Ireland, the UK and Russia.

A unique perspective on issues and challenges that all companies face every day.

Sergey Kotov
Sergey Kotov

Chief Technology Officer

Sergey Kotov

Sergey Kotov

2018: Helius – a unique iOS application for intelligence enhancement;

2016: System U – a technology of enterprise management based on BSC BI (KPI);

2013: EAS OPS – automation of all the post offices of the Russian Federation: prototype;

2011: TelecomExpress – contact center, the leader in innovation (in the role of IT director);

2005-2009: various integration and automation projects (the first automated multifunctional distribution terminal in the meat processing industry in the Russian Federation, integration of maintenance services for X5 Retail, the world's first transfer of the Microsoft AX ERP to a 64-bit platform).

Initial investments

We welcome strategic partnerships with industry leaders and profile investors. If our project is of interest to you, we would be thrilled to speak with you further.


In 2021 we will receive 9 patents for innovative solutions in interface, models and data processing algorithms. Two international patents for user graphical interfaces have already been received.

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